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The new recipe is being tested at 126 McDonald's locations in Columbus, Ohio.

Is a spicier Big Mac in our future? The rest of the sandwich will remain the same.

They do say if it ain't broke don't fix it, but food bosses have chosen to ignore that advice and add a new ingredient to the beloved burger.

Customers will also be able to order a sriracha dipping sauce for fries and McNuggets.

McDonald's Corporation said that if testing of the new Siracha Big Mac goes well, it may introduce it to the test of the United States. However, McDonald's locations in Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle tested the signature Sriracha sauce earlier this summer. It called this variant of the sauce "Awesome Sauce".

The fast food chained announced a new Sriracha Big Mac will only be available in the central OH market. However, new CEO Steve Easterbrook has correctly realized that McDonald's needs to change with the times. Other variations of the sandwich coming in early 2017 include a Mac Jr. with only one patty and a Grand Mac with more meat, a larger bun, and extra cheese.

MCD stock was up slightly as of Noon Wednesday.