As the new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar begin arriving to customers, Apple has updated the Mac App Store with a featured section highlighting a selection of Mac apps that have been updated with Touch Bar support.

Despite the controversies that are being thrown at Apple for adding a feature to its new MacBooks that no one asked for and removing ports that consumers have grown accustomed to using, the company's new premium laptops are expected to perform well in the market. The new models start at $1,499 and go up to $2,399 before upgrades and customizations. For me, the ideal MacBook Pro is actually a mashup between this and last year's model.

The new MacBook Pro is packed with advanced display resolution with a 2560 x 1600 227, while the MacBook Air will have a 1440 x 900 128 pixels per inch (PPI) offering.

It comes in two sizes: 13-inch or 15-inch.


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is famous for making accurate predictions about Apple products, said in a report that the new MacBook Pro has two main problems: limited memory option and high price.

There are no traditional ports. OWC has just put up their Thunderbolt 3 dock for pre-order which gives you 13 ports you just may need.

Right after the unveiling of the MacBook Pro, users took to the internet to show their dismay over Apple's plan to kill all other I/O in favour of the USB-C.

The trackpad is much larger than before.


On Monday, Backchannel's Steven Levy published a story about a conversation he had with Schiller in which the latter revealed that the tech giant did test out touch screens for the Mac devices.

The Touch Bar will replace the function keys that have occupied the top part of the keyboard in the past. Let's check out a few examples of how that works. You can quickly sort through mail or change the formatting of your messages.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 without Touch Bar and Touch ID boasts of a powerful model in a lightweight design.

The Touch Bar can suggest words as you're typing.