"We are about to restore Yemen from the hands of those rebels who are about to surrender after one year of pressures from our forces and the Saudi-led coalition air bombing", Hadi added.

According to Washington Post, as coalition jets were flying over Sanaa, the capital of Yemen the demonstrators on the ground were carrying the Yemeni flag and chanting "End the siege!"

The conflict in this nation, which straddles the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula and borders key oil shipping routes in the Red Sea, pits the government, supported largely by Saudi-led airstrikes, against the rebel Houthis and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. "(But) this help came in the form of criminal killings and genocide", he said.

"One year on, we look at the outcome of this aggression..."

Later on Saturday, Houthi supporters also held a separate protest to mark the anniversary.

Al Jazeera reported that Saleh disagreed with the leadership of the Houthis about their decision to participate at the upcoming United Nations brokered peace talks between the Houthis and the current Yemeni government.

The next round of peace talks is scheduled on April 18 in Kuwait.

Previous attempts to implement a truce in Yemen have failed to hold for long, with each side accusing the other of immediately violating the cease-fire.

Even if there's success next month, it may to do little to stop the violent forces unleashed by conflict.

Three explosions rocked Yemen's temporary capital of Aden on Friday evening, leaving 25 people killed and several others injured, a security official told Xinhua.

Saleh, an ally of the Houthis, made a rare appearance at the demonstration, his first since the war began, offering an olive branch to the Saudi-led coalition. Security sources said at least 12 people died.

Saudi Arabia received its nationals on Sunday, the coalition statement published on Saudi Arabia's state news agency SPA said.

The war has had a catastrophic effect on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, which was already the poorest country in the Arab world, with four out of five people now needing aid to survive.

The coalition said on Monday that it was satisfied with the lull along the frontier.

"The alliance of the rebel Houthi and the now-deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh aims to destroy the country and people and occupy, loot and destroy all state institutions, banks and houses and blow up mosques". "You can hear the terrifying sounds of the Saudi airplanes now as we speak. We are not afraid".